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The two men’s long and stormy relationship has been chronicled in Jobs’s latest biography, but, until now, Gates has said little about their divisions - and their bonds.

Steve was an incredible genius who contributed immensely to the field I was in.

If you took the more harsh examples, you could get quite a litany.” In Jobs’s view, his rival was “unimaginative”, “a bit narrow” and derivative.

It is hard, however, to think that any fast-food outlet would get rich on Gates’s custom.

The retinue of staff and the private jet hint at a fortune said to be approaching £40 billion.

As he told pupils at a south London school he visited this week: “If I hadn’t given my money away, I’d have had more than anyone else on the planet.

His day in London started in the VIP suite of a television studio and shifted to a school assembly hall before he left for Davos, where yesterday he announced a new 0 million package to fight Aids, malaria and TB.

Accustomed to morphing from the subsistence farms of Africa – the focus of his latest effort – to the salons of prime ministers, he does not see himself as a global power broker.

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